Tips to Disable Email Account Login on Windows 10

As many Windows 10 users asked our editor that how to remove the email address from Windows 10 login screen, we’d like to share this post with all of users to better help you protect your privacy in public.


You may have noticed that when you login to Windows 10 operating system, your email address (registered as your Microsoft account) will display below your name. It doesn’t matter if you use your email address to sign in PC at home. But if you often use your computer in public, such as a coffee bar or in a business meeting, it’s a big deal to worry about the privacy leak.

Therefore, if you want to hide email address when log in to Windows 10, you can follow this step:

1.       Open the Start Menu and click on the Settings icon to open Windows 10 Settings.

2.       Click on Accounts and then select Sign-in options from the left side.

3.       Under Privacy, you will see a setting Show account details (eg email address) on sign-in screen.

    4.       Click to switch to the Off position.

Then restart your computer, you will see that the email address has been removed.