Why Microsoft Killed its Music Streaming Service: Groove Music?

Microsoft announced that it will be killing Groove Music and transfer subscribers of Groove Music Pass to its partner Spotify instead. This is definitely a huge surprise for all Groove Music users, as the software maker has been making significant improvements to the service over the past few years, and it seems to be the best music app for windows platform.

See what users said:

"This was devastating news to me. I use that app more than all the others, and this will sink moral in the store when buying other things such as movies and shows too.What are the best music apps for our phones? Is Spotify truly the best other alternative? If so this is sad news because it hasn't been updated in a very long time. Also, is there a Spotify app that is better? There is Spoticast which I have but it takes a lot of battery power I believe.  I'm still shocked."

"God, what a disaster. What were they thinking? Should have gone Apple this entire time."

"Maybe this is all part of a deal to get Spotify to build a decent Windows 10 app... "

"I'm a big fan of Groove and disappointed to say the least, but it is what it is. Starting to look around at options but so far, nothing appears to be a direct replacement. No OneDrive integration with Spotify and it looks like the app is garbage on Windows 10 Mobile."

"In the last year MS has P^^^^ me off so much. Phone, Groove, Access Web Apps... I'm done with them."


Maybe all of Groove users want to ask why,  but we do not have to be surprised´╝îMicrosoft always shutters what users thought  is good.