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McAfee WebAdvisor FREE

McAfee WebAdvisor


  • About this Edge Extension: Search confidently, browse safely. McAfee WebAdvisor for Microsoft Edge is your trusty companion that helps keep you safe from threats while you search and browse the web
Sitejabber: Ratings & Reviews on Every Site FREE

Sitejabber: Ratings & Reviews on Every Site


  • About this Edge Extension: Sitejabber is the leading community of online business reviewers. The Sitejabber Extension lets you see what the community thinks of each site you visit via a small red, yellow or green SJ button in the corner of your browser
Fabasoft Cloud FREE

Fabasoft Cloud


  • About this Edge Extension: The Fabasoft Cloud lets you digitise your internal and external business processes, the know-how of your employees as well as your documents in agile cooperation with your partners and customers
Magnitude Serial FREE

Magnitude Serial


  • About this Edge Extension: Extension for communicating with a serial port through the platform.
Nextsense XML Signing Component FREE

Nextsense XML Signing Component


  • About this Edge Extension: Nextsense XML Signing Component is web based component that supports XML document digital signing and signature verification. This product is developed to enable browser signing of documents with user’s local digital certificates and it is supported by leading web browsers
Fabasoft app.test FREE

Fabasoft app.test


  • About this Edge Extension: Fabasoft app.test is the tool for functional software test automation in the Fabasoft product realm. Fabasoft app.test focuses on the automation of tests in a way that simulates how a real user would interact with the applications, i
ISM CloudOne WebPlugin FREE

ISM CloudOne WebPlugin


  • About this Edge Extension: This plug-in is a browser extension of ISM CloudOne which is an integrated security measure and asset management service compatible with multi-carrier / multi-device