200 Millions Devices are Running Windows 10

It's half an year since Windows 10 was released. How many Windows 10 are activated now? Microsoft just showed us a surprise. According to Microsoft, there are more than 200 million monthly active devices around the world running Windows 10.


You may remember that Microsoft said in last October that 110 million Windows 10 are active. Two monthes past, 90 millions Windows 10 are increased. It is said that 40% of 200M are active during Black Friday. 

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 is growing fast than any version of Windows, even much faster than Windows 7 and Windows 8, outpacing Windows 7 by nearly 140% and Windows 8 by nearly 400%.

It's very a good news for us. As one of 200 millions, I am a bit pride and hope more Windows are installed. 

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