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May 21,2019
4.65 MB
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The Podcast Source app is your source for access to over 12,000 of the most popular podcasts available. Get on demand access to thousands of shows and if you don't see one you like, add it! Listen or watch your favorite comedy, sports, tech and news podcasts on your own schedule and discover the best from Marc Maron, Joe Rogan, Aisha Tyler, Dan Carlin, Slate Magazine, Rich Eisen and many more. This app is packed with great features and great podcasts.  
The Podcast Source also includes these great features:
PODCAST DISCOVERY: Browse thousands of shows by category or search. Never be without the latest episodes from your favorite shows.

ON DEMAND ACCESS: Download all your favorite podcasts so you can enjoy them offline and no matter where you are.
CUSTOM FAVORITE LISTS: Mark and create a list of your favorite episodes so you can play them over and over.

SHARE EPISODES: Easily share your favorite episodes with friends via Twitter and email.

ADD PODCASTS: While this app comes preloaded with thousands of podcasts to choose from, if your favorite show isn’t listed you can easily add it to your app.

GREAT PLAYBACK FEATURES: Easy pause, seek and back buttons allow you to stop and start when you need to or enjoy your favorite part of the podcast as many times as you want.
The Podcast Source is your source for the best podcasts available and it makes it easier than ever to enjoy them on the go and on demand.

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