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May 15,2019
36.39 MB
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Podcast Fetcher is a podcast player for Windows 10. It helps users to search podcasts, play favorite episodes, and download episodes for offline listening. By subscribing to a podcast, the app keeps the podcast up-to-date and notify the user when the podcast updated with new episodes. User can subscribe to any podcast in this app.

When user completes an episode the app label it as ‘completed’ so that user can easily have an indication which episodes he had completed listening.

In this app user can continue listening an episode from the point where he/she left the episode in the previous app session (restarted after the app closed).

User can create playlists in the app, add favorite episodes to the playlists, and additionally user can set any image as a thumbnail image on any playlist so that he/she can easily distinguish the playlists.

The app uses advanced Windows 10 media player which allows the user to not only rewind, fast forward, change tracks, skip backward and forward, it also allows to change track speed rate, repeat episodes, cast media to an external device using Windows 10 built in connectivity features.

The app has import and export features which lets the user to import and export podcasts to an OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) file.

The app uses Windows Live Tiles and place short summery of newly added episodes from subscribed podcasts. Hence, user can have a glimpse of what is new from his favorite podcasts.

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