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May 16,2019
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Medical Abbreviations Complete List

Have you ever been in a conversation where people speak Medical Abbreviations and you found it difficult to understand its full form? Did you try to shake away your head and smiled when faced with such an awkward situation and wished to know the full form of terms found in your career.
Well, Not any more of such experiences…We bring to you one of the best online tools that will help you instantly decode any Medical Abbreviations Terms. It’s absolutely free to download and you can use it without internet.

There are various Medical Abbreviations terms like
AMI: Acute myocardial infarction (heart attack)
B-ALL: B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
FSH: Follicle stimulating hormone. A blood test for follicle stimulating hormone which is used to evaluate fertility in women.
HAPE: High altitude pulmonary edema
HPS: Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. A type of contagious, infectious disease transmitted by rats infected with the virus.
IBS: Irritable bowel syndrome (A medical disease that involves the gastrointestinal tract.)
IDDM: Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Type 1 diabetes.
MDS: Myelo dysplastic syndrome
NBCCS: Nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome
PE: Pulmonary embolism. A type of blood clot in the lungs.
SIDS: Sudden infant death syndrome
TSH: Thyroid stimulating hormone. A blood test for TSH is used to diagnose thyroid disease.
. Full forms of such terms can be easily found from our app Medical Abbreviations Complete List

The features of Medical Abbreviations Complete List are:
• Huge encyclopedia of different Medical Abbreviations.
• Search Functionality to search for any difficult term
• Bookmark the term along with its meaning for easy retrieval of the term later
• Share the term on social media networks.
• Audio facility provided which correctly reads out the term with proper pronunciation.

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