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May 21,2019
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Medical Abbreviations Dictionary is for medical practitioners and students to look up the definitions and technical terms in a second. Medical Dictionary is designed for medical students, helping them in their studies.
Thousands of medical Abbreviations terms for students who are studying medical educations.
Medical Dictionary is one of the most famous tool for doctors , medical students during their medical practice. Find the meanings of technical terms or definition of medical terms quickly.
Completely Offline & FREE medical dictionary Abbreviations app containing medical disorders Abbreviations & diseases Abbreviations with detailed definitions, symptoms.
A quick Medical Terminology Reference app for all (offline, over 150,000 terms).
Medical Terms and Dictionary with common and uncommon words, terms and phrases. Used by physicians, nurses, PAs, NPs, medical students, nursing students and more.
- a very quick Search for Terms;
- complete offline access, No Internet connection required;
- huge database of Terminologies & Abbreviations ;
- share any of the Abbreviations instantly;
- compatible with all versions of Android Devices;
- very efficient, fast and good performance;
- application is designed to occupy as much as less memory as possible.