Best Photo View Apps For Windows 10

Microsoft PhotosDownload

The photo view app from microsoft corporation,so many highlights,such as view  and edit your photos and videos, make movies, and create albums etc. UI design is beautiful and easy to use, seems perfect  though sometime it crashes,but it keeps improving. I think this app can fix most of  your needs.

Downlaod Microsoft Photos From Windows Store:

Microsoft Photos


  • Works On:Xbox,HoloLens
  • Free

Pictureflect Photo ViewerDownload


Display thumbnails of all images in a folder together,the ui design looks perfect,very useful when you want to choose some images to save or delete.

Auto-play the can set where to start ,the slideshow interval,order,etc, sounds really great.

Crop,resize and conver images via export feature.

For every single image, the app will display the detail information include date token,location,aspect ratio,device,exposure time etc.

This app also support video files. It's a excellent photo view app,free with in-app purchases.One of the best photo view apps on Windows Store.

Downlaod Pictureflect Photo Viewer From Windows Store:

Pictureflect Photo Viewer


  • Works On:PC,Mobile device
  • Free

123 Photo ViewerDownload


view  .psd files ; support thumbnails view.

Batch operations to convert image formats,names and size

Save .psd,dds.tga,ai,webp as common formats such as jpg,png,bmp.  .ai and webp are for windows 10 1803

This app is a great app for photo view but more than a photo viewer, it has a clean ui design and perfect basic photo view function,but also it has features like convert image formats,support for .psd files etc.  And it's a free app . It should be one of the best photo view apps on Windows Store.

Downlaod 123 Photo Viewer From Windows Store:

123 Photo Viewer


  • Works On:PC
  • Free