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Oct 20,2021
55.82 MB
For all ages
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With more than 100 updates for over 1 million users, we'd like to bring the 'best' experience to users. Below are just some of the 'best' features of the app.

1) Best animation support. Gif, APNG and WebP animations are all supported. You can stop and resume. You can control forward and backward by frame. You can magnify each frame. And all frames can be saved separately as static images! You can even adjust the speed of playing.
2) Best magnifier. You can magnify with just one click. And you can quit magnifier simply by moving mouse away or clicking again! When scaling, there is no lag at all. This is the fastest magnification ever.
3) Easiest image navigation. You can go to next or previous by clicking the sides of screen with no need to look for buttons. You can also use keyboard or touch screen. The thumbnails below can help you quickly go to neighboring files.
4) Best file format support. As of April 11, 2020, this is is the only app you can find in Microsoft store that supports Apple's “.livp” format. It also the only one that directly supports “.bpg” format.
5) Easiest keyboard support. Use ‘Esc’ to quit directly. Press ‘F’ or ’f’ for full screen. Use ‘Delete’ key for quick deletion without confirmation prompt. Use button for delete with a confirmation prompt.
6) Best vector image view for SVG format. You can magnify with full quality in real time.
7) Best .psd support. Not only can we view inside the app, by setting the app as the default opener, the system's explorer will use the app's thumbnail handler to generate thumbnails directly in explorer. In Microsoft Store, this is the only app that supports the explorer thumbnailer feature as of Jun. 7, 2020.

Images used in the store are from pixabay.com.