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Mixplay for Mixer Free

Mixplay for Mixer


  • Works On:PC,Hub
  • Add Time:2019-01-17
  • Editor's Review: Mixplay for Mixer does more than just wrap the Mixer web experience into an app. You can pop a video into picture-in-picture mode while you continue to browse content on the app or you can put an entire stream into picture-in-picture mode while you use other programs on your PC. You also get notifications for users to make sure you don't miss their streams.
Winter Holiday Glow Free

Winter Holiday Glow


  • Works On:PC
  • Add Time:2018-12-09
  • Editor's Review: For some of us, the holidays are all about the details
Best of Bing 2018 Exclusive Free

Best of Bing 2018 Exclusive


  • Works On:PC
  • Add Time:2018-12-09
  • Editor's Review: Travel the world via Bing's breathtaking photographs in this 18-image set, free for Windows 10 Themes
hueDynamic for Hue $4.79

hueDynamic for Hue


  • Works On:Xbox,HoloLens
  • Add Time:2018-11-27
  • Editor's Review: A lot of gadget lovers get smart lights this time of year. With hueDynamic you can set your colorful Phillips Hue lights to match a roasting fire or you can sync them to your holiday music with disco mode.
TIDAL - Music Streaming Free

TIDAL - Music Streaming


  • Works On:PC
  • Add Time:2018-11-27
  • Editor's Review: Music streaming services aren't exactly uncommon, and Tidal may at first look like just another name to throw in the pile. However, the big deal about Tidal is its lossless, high-fidelity music. The headline feature is the HiFi subscription, offering lossless CD quality audio on demand for both streaming and offline listening. It does actually sound better. Now, the official app for Windows 10 comes to the Windows store.
Sketch 360 Free

Sketch 360


  • Works On:PC,Hub
  • Add Time:2018-11-27
  • Editor's Review: The Microsoft Garage, Microsoft's home for experimental apps from its employees, has produced a number of interesting and useful apps over the years. The latest, called Sketch 360, continues that trend by putting tools to create 360-degree and VR scenes in the hands of designers using nothing more than Windows ink.
Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 $69.99

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019


  • Works On:PC
  • Add Time:2018-11-17
  • Editor's Review: Automation makes photo editing easy. Your creativity makes it amazing
Emoji8 Free



  • Works On:PC,Hub
  • Add Time:2018-11-17
  • Editor's Review: Emoji8 is a fun sample UWP app that uses Windows Machine Learning to evaluate your facial expressions while you imitate a random selection of emojis. You can even share a gif of your best faces via Twitter!
Alexa Free



  • Works On:PC
  • Add Time:2018-11-11
  • Editor's Review: Amazon's Alexa PC app now available on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10
Langeroo Adventures Free

Langeroo Adventures


  • Works On:HoloLens
  • Add Time:2018-11-07
  • Editor's Review: Langeroo Adventures, a children's language-learning game that first hit Windows 10 in 2017, is adding a whole suite of new ways for your kids to learn in its latest update. Rolling out now for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Langeroo Adventures version 3.0.10 adds three new games to its lineup, along with support for learning Welsh and Spanish words. And for those who have already been using the game to learn English, every word has been re-recorded for added clarity.