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May 21,2019
47.88 MB
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Editor's Review
Mixplay for Mixer does more than just wrap the Mixer web experience into an app. You can pop a video into picture-in-picture mode while you continue to browse content on the app or you can put an entire stream into picture-in-picture mode while you use other programs on your PC. You also get notifications for users to make sure you don't miss their streams.
Mixer Go becomes Mixplay for Mixer
Mixplay is a rich client for Mixer | Interactive Streaming service owned by Microsoft featuring Fluent UI design.

With Mixplay for Mixer you can interact with your favorite channels and users, watch streams, manage your account, edit own channel and many more. Mixplay is the only true client for Windows 10 that enables you to enjoy all great features provided by this interactive streaming platform.

Use built in "My Mixer" section to access your favorite streamers in matter of seconds.

This application will enable you to be productive and at the same time enjoy watching your favorite channels!