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Dokobit Edge Plugin Free

Dokobit Edge Plugin


  • About this Edge Extension: Easily and securely sign legally binding documents in the EU and identify yourself in various e-services with e-signature using your eID/smart card/USB eToken
Trend Micro Security Free

Trend Micro Security


  • About this Edge Extension: Trend Micro Security for Microsoft Edge makes browsing safer and more enjoyable
Webskan_advanced Free



  • About this Edge Extension: Webskan_advanced is an extension that complements the web application Webskan: https://webskan
WebSatchel - Capture and save web pages Free

WebSatchel - Capture and save web pages


  • About this Edge Extension: Save a copy of (almost) any web page into our cloud storage
Eno® from Capital One® Free

Eno® from Capital One®


  • About this Edge Extension: Guard your card in the event of merchant data breaches with Eno®, your intelligent assistant from Capital One®
WebPCSC Free



  • About this Edge Extension: Smartcard interface for Axiad ID Cloud portal to communicate to smart card based PIV cards and USB tokens Free


  • About this Edge Extension: With our extension we made it easy for you to "trustt" any website and to use trus
XING Notifications Free

XING Notifications


  • About this Edge Extension: Get notifications for the latest updates on XING. This notification consists of a XING logo where an orange notification badge appears whenever you receive a new message or contact request, or if someone reacts to a post of yours
Detrumpify Free



  • About this Edge Extension: Detrumpify Edge Extension soothes your nerves and raises your spirits by replacing all references to Donald Trump in your news feed with entertaining alternatives
.QR Code for Microsoft Edge $0.99

.QR Code for Microsoft Edge


  • About this Edge Extension: Display a QR code for visiting page. Then continue to read the same web page on a mobile device by scanning the QR code