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Supported Devices
May 13,2019
11.81 MB
Release Date
Manage your passwords on a single click

TweakPass is a robust browser extension for Edge that saves your passwords securely and allows you to auto login to sites, fill forms and generate secure passwords.

No need to remember multiple passwords as a single, Master Password will simplify your digital life. Save websites, usernames and passwords in the Vault and auto login to your sites. Not only this, all the imported and saved data is synced between the TweakPass app and Browser Extension, for easy access of data.

Store Everything:

- Save usernames and passwords to make login easy
- Secure notes and store encrypted data
- An easy way to save all your secure and confidential data
- Store all important data in one place
- Add, modify, view, delete, and manage passwords for all accounts

Universal Access:

- TweakPass can be used on any computer and laptop with Edge
- Use same login to access TweakPass account anywhere
- Instant data syncing to make data available across all the devices

Enhanced Security:

- Generate strong and complicated passwords to protect against cyber threats
- Create new random passwords for each site you visit and sign up
- Add an additional layer of security with Required Password Prompt option
- Encrypt data both at device level and server end

Make Digital Life Simple:

- Single Master Password for all accounts
- Generate strong passwords without much ado
- Automatically login to sites with saved passwords
- Secure all your passwords in the Vault

Learn more about the features of TweakPass Edge Extension by visiting: