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Supported Devices
May 22,2019
15.78 MB
Release Date
Speed Racing is a car racing game where you're in for the best racing experience on mobile.

It's an endless racer to dodge hazards and deadly obstacles.

The goal is to pick up as many gold stars along the way to increase your scores. Each level lasts 60 seconds. The level difficulty and speed will be increased in the next level.

In certain level you will be able to get Power Ups which will boost your speed tremendously. A collision with an obstacle won't cost you a life during power ups. Earn Extra Life as you cruise along the street and you will last longer!

How to Play:
- Tap or swipe to steer left or right
- Swipe up to jump
- Swipe down to slow down

Game Features:
- A tense endless racer to dodge deadly obstacles
- Earn gold stars to increase your scores
- High resolution graphic and great effects built for the thrill
- Submit your score to the online leaderboards and compete with players from all over the world

Download Speed Racing, the fun car racing game for Windows Phone. Speed Racing is suitable for kids and adults.