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May 16,2019
283.43 MB
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Snapper PhotoManager is for EVERYONE and lets you enjoy and share your photos long after they were taken.

It’s simple and enjoyable, you’ll get addicted to MANAGING, ORGANISING, SHARING & PROTECTING your photos whether they are on your PC or laptop, an external drive, OneDrive or Dropbox
Its so easy to view your photos by Folder, by Date, by Tags, Albums and Smart Albums you are sure to find long forgotten memories.

Select, Reject, Star Rate, Rename, eMail & export photos with ease. Add keywords, Filter, Search & Order photos, then SHARE Your photos securely online in full resolution or post to Facebook.
If you are a happy snapper or a professional photographer, then this is for. You get 20GB online free

Snapper PhotoManager is free of ads and yours for life. With free updates, online printable tutorials plus video guides, you can become a master in no time at all. So, get organised and share your photos today.

Snapper PhotoManager is truly scalable. Whether you have just a few hundred photos or more than a million, you will be amazed how easily you can find that special photo. You can even connect a mobile phone or tablet (iPhone or Android) and import these photos. There is no need to lose another photo ever again.

Create unlimited General Tags & People Tags, unlimited Albums & Smart Albums. Add keywords
Keep yourself organised using the very simple workflow filters.

Perfect your photography by viewing the metadata from your photos and create Smart Albums which instantly filter your photos by any combination of metadata values such as Camera, Lens, ISO setting, Shutter speed, F-stop etc.

Backup your Library so you never lose all the effort you have placed into managing and organising your photos. You can even manage different libraries so if you are a serious or pro photographer you can keep a library for your Pro work and a separate library for your personal work.
Save your Albums online and immediately enjoy the peace of mind of having your photos protected and backed up online. So, if you suffer a PC or laptop disaster, you can access your original photos from any internet connection to download them and enjoy them again.

There is so much to Snapper PhotoManager, visit www.snapper.Photo for more information