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May 22,2019
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Browse the web the way you want

ReWeb is our new lightweight browser, the best browser in the world. It provides the features that Microsoft will never implement in Edge such as script blocking.


Some site uses JavaScript to load their content so those page will be rendered empty by the app due to its JavaScript disabling. Standard HTML-based pages such as should work without a problem.

Build with privacy
* ReWeb never surreptiously updates itself; unlike Google Chrome.
* ReWeb never keep track of browsing history: you are always in private mode.
* ReWeb does NOT support cookies so sites cannot track you.
* ReWeb does NOT collect telemetry data.

Excellent performance
* ReWeB removes all features of the modern web such as CSS, JavaScript, iframe, etc. Hence, it removes all chances of advertisement, user tracking, ...
* Native ad blocking: the only native (i.e. without extensions) ad-blocking browser in the world
* Highest performance amongst all web browser: since images, scripts, ... are not loaded; a typical website runs at 20-30MB RAM instead of 500MB like Chrome, Edge, IE, ... (those browser might appear to use little RAM in Task Manager but they consume a huge amount since tabs are opened in separate processes)
* ReWeb uses extremely little hard drive storage [7-8MB]; unlike Chrome or Edge which can keep the trash of the Internet as big as 1-2GB. (Since Edge's hard disk usage is purposely hidden by Microsoft, you cannot see this; but it should be comparable to Chrome's. Open Settings > System > Apps and features to see Microsoft's honest report of the app's consumption.)

Safe to use
* On Windows 10 Mobile, especially on devices with 512MB RAM, since ReWeB filter out *.GIF images and scripts, it prevents the OS from crashing and rebooting itself on many dangerous website such as tech news sites.
* Since script is not executed, your browser will not be blocked out by repeated un-closable pop-ups.
* And there is less chance of security issues.

The list goes on.


* Add feature to save the page's HTML for later use

* Fix back press also close app on phone; should only go back in history
* Fix encoding conversion, should now display some international website correctly

* Fix some UI issues on mobile.
* Fix address bar: should now search Bing (links returned by Google search is wrapped by Google which does not play nice with the app) or add http as appropriate
* Further removes forms, buttons, etc.

* First release