QR Share Companion

QR Share Companion

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May 15,2019
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QR Share Companion is an app that allows you to easily convert data into QR codes.

Free and time-unlimited trial version:
Share text-based content from other apps (e.g. URLs from Edge browser) with the help of the share function of these apps and simply select QR Share Companion as target app. The QR code is ready. You can now simply read this QR code on any device with a QR Scanner app and use the content without having to send this data halfway around the world and via external servers.
Your browser does not have a share function? No problem, just type "qrcode:" in front of the URL in the browser's address bar, press ENTER and confirm the message that QR Share Companion should be opened. QR Share Companion must be installed.
You can also send any text-based content to QR Share Companion in this way: Try it yourself and type "qrcode:Hello World!" into the address bar in the browser of your choice.
The best thing about it: You can do it for free. ;-)

Full version:
Want to share e.g. a business card from the contacts app but do it offline? No problem at all, open the contacts app, select a contact and share it to QR Share Companion.
Would you like to increase your productivity and use QR Share Companion directly with other programs or text-based data sources that do not have a sharing function? Jump in and buy the full version of QR Share Companion in the Store to get access to all features and create QR codes from clipboard, use drag & drop or open *ics (appointment), *vcf (contact) and *.txt (text) files. Not convenient enough?
OK, put QR Share Companion into Overlay-View and it will sit on top of all other apps on your desktop and still give access to all mentioned features.

If you work with QR codes, you will love QR Share Companion. Just give it a try.

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