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May 22,2019
20.32 MB
Release Date
Pulsound is a music player for all your Windows 10 devices offering a new experience to navigate through your library.

Browse your favorite artists, albums and music at a glance, create and manage playlists quickly and easily, take advantage of the many features to play items in your library or add them to the current play, display the lyrics or search for them, customize the application just like you wish; Pulsound brings a rich and intuitive musical experience. Find your album's covers with the cover manager (online search).

Premium mode lets you extend this experience by removing the banner ad, selecting a theme color for the application and a clear or dark mode, save the current playback in a new playlist, use the auto album cover search and allows you to create more than 3 playlists at a time.

Buy premium mode once and use it on all your Windows 10 devices!

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