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Supported Devices
May 20,2019
2.73 MB
Release Date
PopStar,the populate game in iOS and android now arrive the windows phone platflom.

How to Play:
- Just tap two or more blocks of the same color.
- There is no time limit, but each stage has target points to proceed to next stage.

Tips on Scoring:
- Remember just tow rules below:
1.The more blocks you pop, the more score you will get.
2.Try to clear all block, you will get a lot of bonus.

[ Update Log]
some bug fix.

[ Update Log]
Add a new item mode, you can select it at the begining of the game.
1.Select the item first, and then click the block you want to replace;
2.Each time you use the item will lose 150 points;
3.The item mode is not involved in the score ranking.

[ Update Log]
1.Add a new statistics item.
2.Fix the calculation problem of the MinScoreOfOnLevel statistics item.

【 Update Log】
Change some ui images.

【 Update Log】
Improve the performance of the animation

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