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Supported Devices
May 16,2019
75.2 MB
Release Date
Guild members have exclusive access to a new and improved app which features:
+ Up-to-date and ready access to all legislation required for audit
+ Automatic notification for keeping up-to-date with amendments to above legislation (as required for audit purposes)
+ Digital access to the Procedures Manual for payment and claiming.

Using the app
Just download the app to your mobile device, enter the member only password that the Guild has provided to you, and you are ready to go.

About legislation updates
Members have told us they encounter difficulties with successfully loading web-based RSS feeds for the legislation as required for audit. The app enables members to have a convenient alternative to RSS updates to legislation.

Members can still use Brookers hard copy booklets, but this is not compulsory. The Guild member app is a hassle-free, cost effective alternative to subscribing to Brookers updates by mail.

About the Procedures Manual
The Pharmacy Procedures Manual is a resource for community pharmacy. It includes relevant procedures and processes required for claiming government funding and other relevant procedures and processes linked to the current legislation and service delivery.

The content of the Procedures Manual document is protected by the Copyright Act 1994.

Procedures Manual (Version 7.2) ©2015 – TAS