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May 21,2019
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Open your last screenshot with just ONE click !
Are you tired of losing time browsing to your latest screenshot, every time?
This is the app for you :)

Pin OpenScreenShot on the top of your Start screen, then any time you capture, just tap on it, and OpenScreenShot will silently and instantly open your screen picture, for you.

Screenshot is a nice way to quickly save and share exactly what you see in your phone screen, for example:
- A web page
- A frame from a YouTube video
- A picture on Instagram or Facebook
- Your awesome WP Start Screen

How to take a screenshot with your Windows Phone:

WP8.1 - simultaneously press the Volume Up and Power buttons

WP8.0 - simultaneously press the Start and Power buttons

NB: THIS APP DOES NOT TAKE SCREENSHOTS (it is not permitted by current SDK), please read the instructions above.


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