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May 18,2019
1.27 MB
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Do you always use a calculator for calculating basic maths problems? Then use this Mental Maths to hone your maths skills. Be it money summations, or accessing number of items in the store.
Mental maths is very useful to improve your basic math calculations including addition, multiplication and subtraction and division. With an exhaustive number of problems you can add speed and skill to your math solving.
It has detailed analysis of your performance. Like average time, total time.
There are three modes for you to practice.
1. Practice mode. 2. Challenge mode. 3. Aptitude Test.
In practice mode users can practice math problems of the type they would like.
In challenge mode there is previously set question paper of 20 problems in each set. Every time question paper changes so there is no memorization. You have to solve new problems every time.
In Aptitude test user has to give a 3 hour question paper with more than 200 problems. Later the complete result is shown. The question papers are different every time.
if your just starting then practice mode is good begin with. But the challenge mode is a way to improve your skills further.
if your preparing for an entrance exam, then with Aptitude test, you will not require any other alternative for practicing mental maths.

a) 3 modes of test. Practice mode, Challenge Mode and Aptitude test.
b) Unlimited supply of math problems, specially chosen numbers.
c) Aptitude test is suitable of those who are giving entrance exams.
d) Unlimited updates
e) Use at your comfort, while travelling or resting, when idle, etc..

For complete features please buy the full version.

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