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Supported Devices
Apr 18,2018
35.11 MB
Note: This release requires provider extensions to make Interop Tools fully work, learn more at

Interop Tools is an app that allows you to access multiple technical parts of your device. Through additional provider extensions (not included with the app by default), Interop Tools allows you to view and edit things such as Device Registry, Certificates, Applications, Device Info details and much more. Interop Tools will also allow other apps to access this app feature via App Services, it will include a built in permission system to allow the user to take control of which app has access to specific features. Interop Tools without any provider can also serve as a remote tool for another Interop Tools instance on another device, via Project Rome (in a future release) or the Remote Access functionality.

Different providers and more extensions can be found at:
Access the device technical parts such as the Registry, Applications, Certificates, Device Info details through providers (included separately)
Access another device remotely via Remote Access
Enable other apps to connect to Interop Tools to access the app specific features with your consent
Available on all Windows 10 devices for free running build 14393 or higher
Supported Languages
English (United States)

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