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May 14,2019
19.85 MB
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Have you always wanted play Flappy Bird ?
Here it is original legendary game Flappy Bird !

Let your bird fly and flappy as long as possible through the obstacles.
As in Flappy Bird you only need to tap the screen to let your bird fly: it's easy and fun!

Flying bird: Arcade game is a fun and addictive flying bird game that will steal your free time.

Experience the adventure of Floppy Bird, the flying floppy disk, through the world by dodging obstacles. Gain the best score and collect Floppy trophies.

Flapy Bird is a retro pixel art style platform game with angry bird

The player who is in control of a flappy angry birds must dodge all the columns by going through the empty gaps in order to gain the best score.

How to play:
• Tap your screen to flap your wings
• Pass through as many pipes
• Be careful not to run into one
• Don't get too addicted
• Enjoy this fun arcade game

The more pipes you fly through, the higher is your score.

Flying bird games have never been more fun!
Also, depending on the score the player gets, he will receive different Flappy Birds Trophies.

Start playing now and enjoy best game ever Flappy Bird !
What are you waiting for?
Flappy with us! Download now for FREE and play Flying bird: Arcade game