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May 20,2019
2.84 MB
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Callzzz - the app displays an open information by phone number.

If you are wondering who called you and want to get the information on the phone , then that is what you need.

All you need to start using the app - it's a type phone number

Maybe you know more information than others on the phone number , then share it )

When searching for the phone app can found the following fields:
• Country
• Region / State
• Owner of the phone
• How many people have looked for this phone number

PRO version :
✓ Country
✓ Region / State
✓Owner of the phone
✓ Operator
✓ Coordinates
✓ Type of contact
✓ City
✓ Address

On-line :
The search is performed on more than 1000000 phone

In offline mode :
The search is performed to determine the country's number

in callzzz you can find :
✓ Search for information by phone in international and national format
✓ Add comments
✓ Add the reliability of information
✓ Obtaining information on a phone number
✓ Adding information about your phone
✓ Obtaining information about the phone on push- notification

✓ fixed bugs
✓ more open info
✓ Implemented additional search
✓ "Smart X" to enter the phone
✓ Auto-completed when entering the country code number
✓ Added a template for a local phone number entry Russia
✓ Fixed bugs

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