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May 21,2019
21.02 MB
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The simplest program to track breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, solid food consumption and more.

With the click of a button your feedings and baby care history will be stored in the app. You will have an easy-to-maintain history of your baby’s growth.

The birth of a baby is a miracle that fills your heart with joy! A mother’s life changes dramatically with the birth of her baby. It is so important for a mother and her newborn baby to establish a comfortable breastfeeding relationship. Moms need to keep track of which breast to offer her baby, how long the baby suckles at each breast, the number of times the baby breastfeeds each day, how many wet diapers and bowel movements the baby has, how long and frequently the baby sleeps, as well as the baby’s weight and growth. All of this information is important for the self-assessment of breastfeeding and for assessing the growth of the child. Having this information easily accessible will be extremely useful when visiting with your pediatrician or lactation consultant.

It is important to record all of this data. Do not rely on your memory, because even the most organized mothers are often lost in the sea of information about their newborn.

Use the features of the Breastfeeding application.

Breastfeeding and pumping

- record the time and quantity of feedings and / or pumpings;
- note which breast was fed or pumped last to ensure starting new feeding/pumping on the opposite breast;
- record the duration of feeding / pumping;
- pause feeding / pumping, if necessary;
- brief feedings / pumpings, or those that occur within a short period of time, are grouped into one feeding / pumping event
- quickly add feeding / pumping session that was similar to the most recent but update with current time
- use the maximum duration of feeding setting and the application will stop recording the feeding / pumping at the set time if you are unable to press stop


- consider all of your child’s fluid intake (water, expressed breast milk, formula, juice, etc.);
- track your child’s reactions to new fluids and leave comments for yourself and other caregivers;
- set the default fluid volume (can be edited as needed);

Feeding (solid food)

- add solid foods as your child begins eating them (cereal, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish);
- track your child’s reactions to these new foods and leave comments for yourself and other caregivers
- set the default fluid volume (can be edited as needed);

Other features

- edit or delete events as needed;
- use the application in your native language (more than 40 languages available);
- select your preferred units of measurement (ounces or milliliters);
- view statistics (choose a date range and compare data);
- enter data for several children and twins (PRO-version);
- disable advertising (PRO-version);
- Import / Export data from settings (PRO-version);
and more!

We are constantly working to improve the application. Write to us with questions and suggestions.

Enjoy watching your healthy baby grow!

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