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May 20,2019
19.07 MB
Release Date
* If you are using Windows 10, we encourage you to download Animation Desk for Windows 10 for the optimal user experience!

Reclaim your creative side by witnessing the beauty of hand-drawn animations.


Animation Desk Classic provides an intuitive drawing environment so that anyone can enjoy creating their own animated works. With an interface that resembles a traditional animation desk, each frame is completed in the working environment of a professional animator.

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Main Features:
*Friendly, gorgeous user interface
Realistic environment for animation

*Various painting tools with pressure sensitivity
Pencil, crayon, fountain pen, three types of brush and eraser

*Color selection palettes
Bring your works to life with more than 100 vivid colors

*Adjustable size and opacity for the brushes and eraser
Manage every stroke to your liking

*Onion Skinning
See an overlay of adjacent frames

*Four sets of frame rate supported
The smoothness of your animation depends on the frame rate; choose from 3FPS to 24FPS (frame per second).

*Easy file management
Create and manage files under the thumbnail mode

*Powerful frame manager
Editing, copying, moving, deleting frames is simple!

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We value your feedback and comments as they help us make Animation Desk better! We also have access to the professional user community and constant refer to them for future product improvements. Talk to us on Facebook and let us know how we could make it better for you!

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