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May 15,2019
255.25 MB
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AlexG Infinity is an innovative hybrid that is one part vertical shoot-’em-up and one part infinite runner. It features an all-new gameplay experience that packs the excitement of both a shooter and runner, set in a unique 3D miniature world with hand-animated sprites.

King Goo, self-proclaimed evil genius of the outer galaxies, has crash landed on Earth in AlexG’s backyard. As this landing gave him a bit of a bump on the head, he has decided to take over the Earth in retribution, starting with AlexG’s house. He used his Evil-Genius-Miniaturizer to shrink AlexG down to bug size and then brainwashed the entire bug population to serve as his private army. Now the size of an ant, AlexG must muster his wits and face the dangers lurking in his house in order to confront King Goo and his bug swarm.

Unlike other shoot-’em-up or infinite runner games, AlexG Infinity is set in the miniaturized world of a normal house… viewed from the perspective of an ant! As AlexG, you must shoot, bomb, run, dodge and stomp your way through the hordes of bugs that are chasing after you in an attempt to survive. The bugs are not the only danger you have to watch out for, as the house is filled with hazardous obstacles that will need to be avoided as well. Each room you progress through in the house contains it’s own unique set of bugs and obstacle challenges to overcome. Be sure to collect as many coins and power-ups as possible while racing through the house; upgrading your character abilities will be essential in defeating the ever-evolving bug hordes that you will encounter. Go head-to-head with the legendary bug boss that guards each room of the house and show them that man isn’t to trifled with… even in miniature size!

The game features 7 playable characters, each with a unique play-style. As players race through the house, they will face over 40 different bug enemies, 25 hazardous household obstacles, and experience 6 visually wonderful levels that are procedurally generated to ensure no game session is the same. Each level is guarded by a legendary bug boss that will have to be defeated in order to progress onwards. Defeating a bug boss rewards the player with a bonus which temporarily grants them the ability to grow back to normal size and squish bugs for additional points. The bug enemies evolve and increase in difficulty after each successful run, thus players will be encouraged to upgrade their characters in order to face the ever menacing bug hordes. The game also has a secret bonus mode where young children can help squish bugs with their fingers and help collect coins!

No matter what type of game player you are, AlexG Infinity delivers a fresh and engaging core experience! So what are you waiting for?! Get ready to be shrunk down and journey through the miniature world of AlexG Infinity

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