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Rento - Realize your monopolyDownload

Rento - Monopoly Game Online screenshot 1

RENTO is a free 3D business game. It is similar to original Monopoly game, but it has a slightly different rules.

Trade lands, build houses, draw cards, win auctions and most importantly - have fun. If you like Ludo - you will like Rento too :)

The game is live MULTIPLAYER so you can play with your friends remotely and also you can play versus players on our http://BoardGamesOnline.Net website. 

You can play the game in 3 modes: 

-Online (vs real people live)

-Solo (vs AI robots)

-Pass 'N Play (Pass same device to others)

Enjoy the first and only true online multiplayer monopoli game in the market.


Online multiplayer

Offline solo play

Pass 'N Play mode

Additional 3D Boards

Custom Pawns

In-game Chat

Downlaod Rento - Realize your monopoly From Windows Store:

Rento - Realize your monopoly


  • Works On:PC,Mobile,Hub
  • $4.99

The Game of LifeDownload

The Game of Life screenshot 2

LIVE LIFE TO ITS FULLEST ON YOUR WINDOWS PHONE! Enabled for Xbox LIVE®, collect achievements, and see who is livin’ large on the leaderboards. Play it safe or live on the edge, as you watch this family favorite board game come to life with animated tokens, winding roads, and lush landscapes. Anything can happen in THE GAME OF LIFE!


Use your existing Xbox LIVE Gamertag or create a new one via the Windows Phone main menu. Track up to 12 Achievements and access lifetime leaderboards. See how your life compares to your friends. Earn achievements and get up to 200 Gamerscore points!


Share THE GAME OF LIFE with up to 3 friends on one device. 


Land on “Life Spaces” and gain tiles worth big bucks – or pay huge fines. Collect “Share the Wealth Cards” and retire in style.


Settle down and get married – or stay single and indulge in lavish luxuries and risky investments! 

In THE GAME OF LIFE, the possibilities are endless!

Downlaod The Game of Life From Windows Store:

The Game of Life


  • Works On:Mobile
  • Free

LUDO Blitz!Download

The good and classic LUDO gets MORE FUN than ever:

It’s still SIMPLE and ELEGANT, but also incredibly more DYNAMIC and UNPREDICTABLE.

With all these new and compelling features you will never get bored:

• Shorter and casual games – ideal for your coffee breaks, or subway travels

• Get ready for a completely new and challenging game every time you start playing. 

• Watch your Pawns come to life – Enjoy the hi-res 3D movements and actions

• 6 boosters to take the fun in LUDO to a new level

• 2 special fields to enhance the wonderful chaos of LUDO

Check out for more games about to be released!

** PLEASE NOTE: "LUDO Blitz!" is completely free to play but has optional in-game purchases. In-app purchases can be disabled through your device settings.

Downlaod LUDO Blitz! From Windows Store:

LUDO Blitz!


  • Works On:PC,Mobile
  • Free


AlphaJax screenshot 1

AlphaJax is an award-winning, must-have free word game that allows you to compete against friends and strangers alike, all you need is a love of words and some “interwebs”. 

Take turns using your tiles to create words on the board, attempting to score the highest points.

Play cross-platform with users on both Windows and Windows Phone.

Create games with players from around the world, or call out for a game to your friends. 

In a hurry? Pass and play with a friend or hone your skills by playing against yourself. 

Earn Xbox achievements and compete against friends for the top position in the leaderboard.

Enjoy a skill match? The AlphaJax rating system provides lasting achievement as you progress up the leaderboards and means you are always guaranteed an enjoyable and challenging game. 

Please note, only English language and dictionary support at present time.

Downlaod AlphaJax From Windows Store:



  • Works On:PC
  • Free