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Bing in Space Free

Bing in Space


  • Works On:PC
  • Add Time:2018-04-16
  • Editor's Review: Go way beyond mere galaxies with some of the most popular images of space from the Bing homepage
Remix 3D Animals Free

Remix 3D Animals


  • Works On:PC
  • Add Time:2018-04-13
  • Editor's Review: Can you believe these stylized animals were created with 3D models? Explore these 11 "low poly" images of creatures from land, sea, and air in this free Windows 10 Theme
MobileDiscord PTB Free

MobileDiscord PTB


  • Works On:HoloLens
  • Add Time:2018-04-13
  • Editor's Review: MobileDiscord is a mobile-friendly UWP port of Discord, a cross-platform voice and text chat app designed for gamers
Sea of Thieves Free

Sea of Thieves


  • Works On:Xbox,PC
  • Add Time:2018-03-21
  • Editor's Review: Xbox Live Gold membership required to play on Xbox One; sold separately
Piny - Pinterest with love Free

Piny - Pinterest with love


  • Works On:PC,Mobile,Hub
  • Add Time:2018-03-21
  • Editor's Review: The best Pinterest third party application for Windows 10! What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a place help you to save all awesome ideas in all categories from all around the worlds
SQL Mimic $19.99

SQL Mimic


  • Works On:PC
  • Add Time:2018-02-04
  • Editor's Review: Easily compare the schemas of two SQL Server databases
Movie Maker - Video Editor Free

Movie Maker - Video Editor


  • Works On:PC
  • Add Time:2018-01-08
  • Editor's Review: Movie Maker - FREE handles basic edits well and is very good at making video slideshows. It struggles to do more advanced editing, but that's understandable considering that the app is free. The app also helps create competition within the Microsoft Store which hopefully can help push video editors as a group further as developers compete to have people use their software.
Stagelight Free



  • Works On:PC
  • Add Time:2018-01-08
  • Editor's Review: Stagelight is a great way to get into creating digital music. It has tutorials to walk you through the basics and the app allows you to show your creativity using a variety of instruments and sounds. The interface and pricing setup are overly complicated, but still functional.
Clocker Timer Free

Clocker Timer


  • Works On:Xbox,HoloLens
  • Add Time:2018-01-02
  • Editor's Review: Clocker Timer is an useful ergonomic Timer. If you have used the Android Clock app this will feel familiar
Roamit Free



  • Works On:HoloLens
  • Add Time:2018-01-02
  • Editor's Review: Roamit brings your Windows 10 and Android devices a lot closer