Zombie Squad State of Decay screenshot 1 Zombie Squad State of Decay screenshot 2 Zombie Squad State of Decay screenshot 3 Zombie Squad State of Decay screenshot 4
Supported Devices
May 14,2019
36.5 MB
Release Date
A new nuclear toxic war has ended life on Earth. All adults have become Zombies, and their only fighters are a group of children with their vehicles on zombieland.

Help to finish with all the Zombies in this zombieland!

rules are simple in Zombie Road Trip, escape a horde of zombies who want to eat your brains! Can you meet the challenge?

Try to escape from a horde of zombies determined to finish with you in a game of endless survival! Destroy zombies with your impressive arsenal and witness carnage style "ragdoll"!

Make figures to get acceleration and drive as fast as possible or you will die in agony
Zombie Road Trip when your homeland is invaded by zombies, the only thing left to do soon becomes clear - drive your car out of the zombie waves! Street Zombie Slayer not only allows you to drive your car out of hordes of undead, but also allows you to shoot down the zombies using machine guns and rocket propelled grenades equipped on the car. Is your vehicle strong enough to meet challenges or unavoidable death? This game offers unprecedented cars and weapons on mobile!

AWESOME EFFECTS with Zombie Squad State of Decay
Enjoy awesome game graphics and thrilling music.
Have fun while racing with a cool zombie killing cars!
Meet scary animated zombies, who can chase or even attack you.
Feel the realistic zombie cars driving experience.
Control background objects: shoot into the windmill to destroy it.
Have lots of fun in surprising gameplay.
Test and train your reaction while racing, fine-motor, hand-eye coordination and develop problem solving and quick decision making skills!