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May 21,2019
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You make the decisions in this interactive novel set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world.

This is the tenth and final volume of the Zombie High series. Having sniffed out the traitor among you and escaped your enemies—at least for the moment—you’ve now found temporary sanctuary with Headshot’s people, the Phoenix Tribe. Or have you? Currently, you, Headshot, Sven, Ava, and Dr. Marconi are being rowed to a sailboat which can take you to the Phoenix Tribe’s mother ship. You’d like to think that this is a good move, but there are so many unanswered questions. Will the cultists let you aboard? How will you handle the Phoenix Tribe’s leader, who is reportedly an HFVM—an intelligent zombie who hungers for human flesh? Will the cure be safe here?

Our games are about giving you an exciting story, except that you get to put yourself into the shoes of the novel's main character to try to survive to the end. Our games are dead simple. You read, you make choices, and there are consequences for those choices. For example, a zombie staggers toward you. Do you run? Push your friend in front of it? Use your hatchet to split its skull? When you first meet the love interest of your character, what do you say? Compliment him/her? Be aloof? Small talk? You decide. The "right" choice depends on the situation and characters in the story. Choices are designed to not be obvious, yet their consequences logical. You really have to think to survive to the end, not to mention to get a high score and rank. You can play a story over and over to try to beat your previous high score.