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Supported Devices
May 13,2019
5.63 MB
Release Date
-Highscore based game (levels are supposed to reset once you die)

Leaderboard Top 100 problem fixed.
Leaderboard name must be English. Font does not support some languages such as Greek and Latin.

If you download the paid version there are no ads. The free version will have ads.

In this game, endless waves of zombies will be thrown at you. You are given 5 different guns and grenades, each with different traits. You can upgrade these guns in the shop to make them fire faster, do more damage, and have more ammunition. The grenades also have specific upgrades as well.

Including these awesome upgrades are very helpful tools, Towers or Turrets. These automated towers will lend you great aid in your struggle against the zombies. There are 5 different types of turrets, each with a special ability. The towers' damage and speed can also be upgraded just like the guns.

For killing zombies you earn money, which is also your score. So, using a lot of money means you will end up with a low score. So upgrade and shop wisely so that you will be able to survive as long as possible racking up points while spending as little as possible.

Once you die or you end the game, you are prompted with a textbox to enter a name to put on the Top 100 Leaderboard as well as the Highest Wave Leaderboard. If you score was higher than the last time then use the same name to replace that score.