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Supported Devices
May 22,2019
2.77 MB
Release Date
Why not ease into waking up? Whether awakening from sleep to a new day or arising from deep meditation, Zen Awakener creates a progression of resonant sounds based on the "Golden Ratio" that lure you out of the depths rather than a sudden nerve jangling alarm.

Set your wakeup time then set both the number of Tibetan Bowl chimes you wish to hear, then set the time duration prior to wakeup during which those sounds will be and spaced. Zen Awakener ALARM does the rest **(if you're using it overnight you should plug your phone into its charger).

* Tested and passed under both Windows Phone 7 and 8
* Tested and passed in Nokia 820, 900, 920 and HTC 8X
* runs under a locked screen
* automatically restarts the last set Awakener alarm sequence from both "dormant" state and "cold-start"
* add sound collections with a unique downloader mechanism
** HAS THE UNIQUE CAPABILITY to allow you to use the phone with other Apps then return to Awakener at exactly the right time position in the Awakener sequence, automatically(!), (Awakener is the ONLY Alarm / Timer App to have this capability) update adds a revised news reader and some other stabilizing tweaks

!! By popular demand !!
--Look for Zen Awakener TIMER in the App Store!!
--Zen Awakener TIMER & ALARM (all in one App) is now available in the App Store

**IMPORTANT FOR OWNERS OF ZEN AWAKENER ALARM (earlier versions)!!-- Please UNINSTALL the older version on your phone and reinstall this newest version. Changes that I made to fix earlier issues that caused Awakener to fail on some phones are not compatible with earlier versions of Awakener. Uninstall / Reinstall assures you that this version will run solidly. ***

Thank you for your feedback and reviews!!