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Supported Devices
Windows 10,Windows Mobile
Apr 21,2018
2.85 GB
The future of humanity is in your hands, commander!

Have you ever wanted to run your own military corporation? A team of battle-hardened mercenaries with big guns is what you need then! Put your tactical skills to the test in a stunning sci-fi strategy game, and wipe the threat off the face of the Earth.

In the year 2040, a new natural resource was discovered on Earth, the blue crystals of Advinite. A global battle for these valuable resources divided the world into two warring factions, but the worst had yet to come. Over time, the effects the crystals slowly changed the planet’s nature. Monsters created by the radiation given off by Advinite forced humans to hide in megapolises protected by impenetrable force fields. Over the next 42 years, the warring superpowers and the endless struggle with nature made the demand for and the popularity of private military corporations skyrocket.
Play in stunning 4K resolution
Experience turn-based tactical combat and deep strategic gameplay
Supply elite soldiers with tons of equipment: hi-tech armor, deadly weapons, implants, and gadgets
Upgrade your base and research futuristic technology to gain access to advanced warfare
Play anywhere, anytime, and even offline to stop the threat in an epic campaign
Switch between your Windows PC and iOS device in an instant without losing your progress
Supported Languages
English (United States),Deutsch (Deutschland),Español (España, Alfabetización Internacional),Français (France),Italiano (Italia),日本語 (日本),한국어(대한민국),Русский (Россия)

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