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Supported Devices
May 18,2019
55.4 MB
Release Date
Do you like the snow storm and the wind that brings along the breeze, the time of the year when everywhere that you see, you see white, when the trees are disguised in snow and the ground seems to be like a cold carpet? If you like all this then you will like the virtual snowstorm as well. This app is injected with the beautiful views of falling snow, the blizzard and the snow world. View as the tree tops are covered with the snow falling on them and the branches spread out to gather more of the snow flake, the snow made the barren land beautiful by converting the rusty land into a blanket of snow, you will also see the mountain that is getting covered in the snow and the trees around it are complimenting it to be more beautiful. This app is loaded with wonderful background musics which can be played along with the view. Also you can adjust the brightness and set sleep timer to adjust the app according to your environment. The app will shut itself down after the sleep timer ends.