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Supported Devices
Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Jun 28,2017
22.54 MB
Do you want to have a pet at your home, but your parents think it’s a bad idea because it’s difficult to take care of life creature? You’ll certainly love our new game Virtual Hamster – little cute pet right in your mobile! Enjoy playing with little fluffy hamster, take care of it and forget about boredom!

HOW TO PLAY: Take care of your hamster – feed it, help to fall asleep, entertain your pet. You also can enjoy playing mini-games. Tap on the button to choose activity. Very easy and very funny!

Virtual Hamster features:
- User-friendly interface;
- Cartoon graphic in high-quality;
- Different actions and mini-games;
- Tamagotchi pet game for free.

Virtual Hamster, enjoy your life with your new little friend! Virtual pet needs your love and attention, so take care of it and have fun!
Supported Languages
English (United States)