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May 14,2019
17.05 MB
Release Date
UtterIt is a multipurpose app that makes managing notes, lists, and all kinds of text easy and fast. Notes and lists can be recorded either by typing or speaking to the app; UtterIt recognizes your voice and converts your speech to text. It's also great at letting you review your notes and text using large format viewing or playing it back aloud.

Examples of a few types of files you can easily create and manage with UtterIt:

* Shopping lists
* Reminders
* To do lists
* Web links
* Recipes
* Study notes
* Ideas
* Reading assistance
* more ...

UtterIt can be accessed either by touching your display or speaking to Cortana. Notes can be typed or recorded directly into a file, or using a Start Screen tile called "Quick note", or telling Cortana "UtterIt add {my note}". Either the keyboard or the microphone can be used to create or edit your text.


* Unlimited number of file entries and files
* Quick and easy file management
* Organize each file as a simple item list or with categories (sections)
* Add custom notes to items or categories
* Access functions or files hands free using Cortana, using the MJ App Factory app keyword "MJ", such as:
o "MJ Record [note to add]"
o "MJ Open [file to open]"
o "MJ Create a new file"
o "MJ Find [item or file to look for]"
* Powerful search function for fast lookup of entries and files
* File sharing and syncing with other apps, devices and people using:
o Bluetooth
o NFC (Tap to Share)
o Email
o Messaging
o Facebook
o OneNote
o Twitter
o more ...
* Share text, documents, web links, and photos from other apps into UtterIt:
o Word
o OneNote
o Internet Explorer
o Photos
o etc.
* Complete or selective file backup
* Live tile that displays info from last file open on Start screen
* Color coded, file specific tiles to open individual files
(or just tell Cortana "MJ open {my file}")
* Customized background images and colors for your app