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Supported Devices
May 21,2019
18.05 MB
Release Date
The app is a Bluetooth Remote Control and sends position information to a microcontroller. It interacts with hardware like Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi ….

Only the Bluetooth SPP Profile (RFCOMM) is supported.

The first optional information is a channel, which has the range from 0 to 3.
Afterwards 3 positions are handled either as text or bytes.

The range of the values x,y (1. control) and z (2. control) is between -100 and 100.

Byte Mode (Text Off): Optional channel and the 3 positions are transfered as bytes (3 or 4 bytes -> default)
Text Mode (Text On): The optional channel (terminated by colon) and the 3 positions are transfered as text seperated by comma and terminated by \n.

Channel off: No channel (default)
Channel on: Channel included (0-3)

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