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May 21,2019
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tumblring will let you browse, collect and share images from your favorite tumblrs. Using the search charm it's easy to find new tumblrs and images and add those as your favorites. The main view of tumblring will display the tumblrs your mark as favorite and a nice looking collection of the latest images of those. Adding separate images to your collection is easy and will make your favorite images just a click away. The trial version of tumblring will let your save one tumblr and 10 images in your favorite collection. In the full version, these features are unlimited.

Login with your tumblr account to display the tumblr blogs you follow. The current version supports follow/unfollow methods accessible from the appbar.

Future version will (hopefully) include: video support, text support and many more improvements.

If you encounter any issues using tumblring, please let me know and I will do my best to help your out.

If you rate the app, good or bad, please let me know your problems or suggestions for future improvement

Happy tumblring!