Tubecast for YouTube

Tubecast for YouTube

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May 20,2019
11.96 MB
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Editor's Review
One of the best third-party YouTube apps for windows 10
YouTube. Watch, cast and Chromecast and AirPlay. Use TubeCast as an incredible YouTube client and cast YouTube videos on your Smart TV, Chromecast, AirPlay, Google TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, DLNA, Internet box, Xbox One & 360, PS4 & 3...

TRIAL VERSION: You have 7 days to try Tubecast and its many features for free. Once the trial period is over, you will need to purchase the application in order to use it.
Join the 3 million users who have installed it for 4 years.

Features :
1 4k(2160p) QHD(1440p) Full HD (1080p) SD (480p) 60fps
2 Download YouTube videos (Pause and Resume)
3 Play the sound of the video under lock
4 Login to your YouTube account and use all the features (subscribe, watch later, history, my videos, subscribers...)
5 Video 360

Complete Cast features :
1 Cast video or audio on your Smart TV (Samsung, Philips, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba etc.)
2 Cast online and downloaded YouTube videos (WP8 only)
3 Chromecast (total control Volume and seek)
4 Airplay Apple TV (total control Volume and seek)
5 DLNA (total control Volume and seek)