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May 20,2019
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Editor's Review
Took awhile to get used to the format, now I wonder why I waited so long. Easy to read, easy to delete and save e-mails.A Great Way to keep up.
[Updated February 2019] The top-rated email app for Windows 10, with over 1 Million downloads, and one of Microsoft's "Essential Windows 10 Apps". Works great with touch, or quickly scroll and browse with your mouse or touchpad.

- “A super-efficient way to blast through vast quantities of mail” – Time
- "I had over 30k junk emails until I saw this app. I was able to organize, clean and manage 3 accounts within 10 min." - Wendi (User review)

TouchMail is the fastest and easiest way to find what matters most and clean up the rest in Gmail,, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, AOL, Office 365, and most IMAP email accounts.

Turn your email into a visual and colorful inbox that you can explore the way you want – using touch, mouse and keyboard, or pen – with rich visualizations, colorful message tiles you can resize, and familiar interactions.

- "I had over 4,400 emails, most of which was junk. TouchMail makes it so easy to group, select and delete mass emails. I am now down to 20 emails in my inbox." - Paige (User review)

- “Will make getting into your emails cleaner, faster, and much more fun” - WinBeta Review

- "I have Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. TouchMail makes it easy to handle all three at one sitting - using the same interface for all three. It's easy to delete a lot of email at once!" - Alicia (User review)

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