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May 21,2019
41.28 MB
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Magical Kingdom. A peaceful land until one day..
The seal of Demon Lord being gradually weakened.
The Kingdom is being threatened!
All Hope is placed on the Tink Magicians.

A free Tower Defense RPG with over 100 different enemies and 30 maps. Use magic spells to defend your castle. You will definitely get fresh feeling from this castle defense games.

app-apes.com 8/10: "Overall, Tink Magician is a great free Tower Defense RPG game that blurs the boundaries of the two genres in all the right ways. It’s sure to keep players enchanted for hours and provide a true challenge."

Tink Magician is a much more active feeling than just tower defense game. You can cast spells anywhere you want to inflict damage on monsters. And the spell can repeat itself when you leave you finger out of the screen.
We have 7 kind of spells: PHYSIC, FIRE, ROOTS, WATER, THUNDER, ICE, CHAOTIC. The spells have different uses and they can be combined to create greater damage.
More than 100 kinds of monsters with power not predictable. They have separate resistances for different kinds of spells. You must choose wisely!
An integral part of the power in the game is the Mage(Hero). Each Mage has element attributes corresponding to spell element. Along with individual skill, they will demonstrate their bravery in battle to defend your castle.
To defend your castle, not as in other castle defense games you can use more than one Hero(Mage) in the battle. Use one main Hero and up to three sub Heros. You will be controlling main Hero. And sub Heros will help you cast unique spells.

This Tower Defense RPG game is a story about the journey of the novice mage - Sophie. Against the cabal of Demon Lord trying to break the magic seal on the Kingdom. It's a long way from when she started to learn how to control her magic. Indeed it is quite difficult for little Sophie. Fortunately, she had a lot of friends to fight alongside her.

Key Features:
★Unique spells system.
★Over 30 maps.
★Over 100 kinds of monsters in 8 categories with particular skills.
★With 15 Boss and 10 Super Boss.
★Super Epic Defense battle that you need to gather all your strength to win.
★7 distinct Heroes
★Help system (hire Hero, suggest spell, item boots)

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