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Supported Devices
Windows 10
Nov 27,2017
10.13 MB - 36.96 MB
x86, x64
Thetaball is an authentic digital sport with rich, physics-based gameplay and lifelike AI. Each of the game's 256 robotic players is a unique individual, created by a process of simulated evolution. Because the bots have co-evolved within a complex physical environment, their behaviors are diverse, robust, and lifelike.

In the single-player game, your task is to field a team of robotic athletes in order to advance through a series of progressively more challenging leagues, earning as many coins as you can along the way. You can remotely control any of the bots on your team, or let them play on their own.

In the local-multiplayer game, 2-8 players choose up sides, with AI-controlled bots filling in the empty slots.

- Earn coins, develop your team, and advance through the leagues.
- Bet on individual matches or buy in to a tournament. (Simulated gambling features are for entertainment purposes only. Coin rewards cannot be cashed out or exchanged for real currency.)
- Monitor your progress with an assortment of statistical and financial reports.
- Improve your skills by engaging in a variety of practice drills.
Lifelike AI -- every bot is a distinct individual with unique behaviors.
A true physical simulation -- no "rolling dice" to determine outcomes.
Exciting local multiplayer with up to 8 players.
Extensive single-player game -- earn coins, develop your team and advance through the leagues.
Buy once and play on multiple devices (PC or Xbox) -- your progress travels with you.
Play with a mouse, gamepad, or touchscreen.
Xbox Live leaderboards.
Bet on individual matches or buy in to a tournament.
Monitor your coins with a variety of financial reports.
Rich physics-based gameplay.
Ultra-smooth animation.
Dozens of practice drills.
Physics-based procedural sound.
Supported Languages
English (United States)

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