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May 15,2019
17.36 MB
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Theine keeps your PC awake, and is an absolute must when running long-lasting tasks and intensive processes that last for hours.

★ Prevent your computer from falling asleep easily ★

You no longer need be pressing random keys to avoid your computer falling asleep prematurely.
You no longer have to move the mouse every so often to prevent Windows from falling asleep!
... and no more messing about in the Windows power settings, just to keep the computer awake.

Instead, use this app - Theine!
Just like tea keeps man going, Theine keeps your PC going!

★ Typical Situations ★

✔ You need to render a graphics-intensive PDF, a simulation, or a computer animation.

You do not want to sit around waiting for it to finish rendering. Without Theine, you'll have to set your power options to "always on" mode (and remember to set them back), or sit around preventing the computer going to sleep yourself, shaking your mouse here and there. Instead, start Theine, let your processes run, and close this app upon completion.

✔ You want to have your PC perform an intensive calculation over the night (e.g. crypto-mining, data mining...). Leave Theine open in the night, and your pc will stay awake all night while you can go to bed.

★ Usage ★

Start this app when you need to keep your computer awake, simply close it when your intensive task is done! While Theine runs, your PC will not go to sleep, nor will it go into hibernation mode.

★ Features ★

✔ Prevent your computer from falling asleep.
✔ Low-maintenance, low footprint, simple, and tiny app.
✔ No advertisements.
✔ No administrator privileges needed.
✔ What you see is what you get, no further in-app purchases.