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May 20,2019
15.83 MB
Release Date
***** The app name has changed from "Ported for Tumblr" to "TBlog" to comply app store policies. *****

A full-feature 3rd-party tumblr client. Definitely it's the BEST tumblr app for WP now! If you find any problem, please send an email to [email protected], or send a ask or message to me by TBlog. My tumblr blog name is wptblog.

-App PIN lock
-Post blacklist based on post tags
-Data-saving Mode (Stops gifs from auto-loading)
-Reply a post
-dashboard, instant messaging, explore, account, activity
-search blogs and posts, directly access blog, explicit content filter
-all post types are supported : photo, video, audio, text, link, quote, chat
-queue, drafts, post privately, edit post
-edit your blog theme
-live tiles, select where the photos come from: dashboard, likes or certain blog
-save images to media library or save animated GIFs to OneDrive
-view images or animated GIFs in portrait or landscape mode
-hold the reblog button for a quick-reblog operation
-multiple login accounts supported
-image quality options
-tag history
-activity notification
-mention someone
-add a external image link
-find GIFs when composing
-share photos from photo app

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