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May 17,2019
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Make your meetings better.

Stormboard is a dynamic meeting and collaboration tool that helps remote teams share sticky notes and whiteboards. It is easy-to-use and helps teams generate, organize, and prioritize ideas and then create a plan to turn them into action. Built-in smart meeting templates and frameworks lead you through your collaboration, which then can be instantly exported into stunning PowerPoint presentations, Word Documents to be used as meeting minutes, or Excel Spreadsheets for integrating with your other systems. Once you have created a Stormboard account (see below for more information) you can access your Storms — what we call a digital meeting or work space — in real-time on any device with a web browser from your 4" phone to your 84" Microsoft Surface Hub.

Key Features:

• Stormboard for Surface Hub was designed to take advantage of the Surface Hub features allowing for multi-lingual handwriting recognition and multiple users on the board at the same time. It also provides the ability to collaborate and conduct meetings on the Microsoft Surface Hub, as well as other PCs and mobile devices, connecting all those devices — no matter where they are located in the world — to the same shared space in real-time.
• Users can create unlimited Storms (what we call a digital meeting or work space) that are accessible on any device to invited members of specific teams or groups for projects and ongoing meetings.
• Stormboard for Surface Hub integrates with Microsoft Office 365 Online so you can view Microsoft documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) as well as simultaneously co-edit any of these documents within Stormboard.
• NFC Integration allows users tap their employee badge to login to Stormboard rather than typing their password on an 84” screen in front of a room of people.
• There are hundreds of template options that include everything from product management to lean processes that can support both internal meetings, and external meetings and presentations supporting and demonstrating innovation. Custom templates are also available.
• Never worry about confidential information sitting on a whiteboard for everyone to see or great ideas getting erased by mistake. Everything is safely stored on Stormboard’s secure cloud platform.

Activation Information:

You can trial Stormboard for Surface Hub FREE for 30 days! Once you download the app, you will be able to select the 30-Day Free Trial option and will be walked through the set-up process, which will involve setting up a Stormboard account (no credit card required), and receiving a temporary activation code.

Once your trial expires, Stormboard for Surface Hub requires a paid activation code and a Stormboard Account. All users that you invite to participate in a Storm will also need to create an account.

Enterprise Subscriptions are also available for larger teams. Visit our website for more information.