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May 19,2019
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Remember that one time you wanted to talk to someone but felt awkward because you didn’t know each other?
Do you also remember that feeling of being unable to do anything about it? (be honest it’s all right)

What if I told you (insert meme) you can now talk to strangers all over the world without caring about that at all?
“But that already exists”, you say? Not like this one ;), see why:

- You only need a microphone: No one likes watching suspicious people doing suspicious stuff in front of a camera. Also, because there’s no camera, you can have genuine conversations not based on your appearance. (everyone has the right to have a bad hair day)

- You can talk one on one or with groups: You have control over your room. Feeling like listening more instead of talking? Just add another user and relax.

- Low data conversations: Don’t worry too much about spending data, it’s not like there’s video, right?

- Anonymous: You may choose a nickname if you want, but that’s it! Nothing else identifies you on the platform. If there’s any time you feel awkward just fly away to the next room.

Here at Speakrandom we care about you. The staff is also human (surprisingly), so they got your back. Finding friends, learning languages, overcoming shyness, trolling people, all in one app.
Scan through thousands of rooms randomly generated by users just like you.

No stuff like signing up is required, just press start to get going!

What are you waiting for? Your new friend might just be a tap away. Join us now!