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Supported Devices
Mar 31,2018
SoundByte is the best music client for Windows 10 & Xbox One supporting online streaming services such as SoundCloud, Fanburst and YouTube alongside local playback.

Listen to your favorite music, create and edit playlists, watch YouTube music videos (and live streams!), find awesome new content and much more in a friendly, beautiful and simple to use music client. Best of all, no ads! Ever.

SoundByte even supports advanced Windows 10 integration such as live tiles, media controls (skip or pause tracking using your keyboard media controls), Cortana voice commands (play your liked content with ease) and Windows Timeline (continue playing your music across devices and time)!

Before downloading SoundByte please consider the following:
- Some SoundCloud tracks may not appear with SoundByte. This is due to SoundCloud 3rd party app restrictions.
- SoundByte respects the SoundCloud and YouTube Developer APIs and does not offer offline or downloading support.
- Some YouTube music videos may not work (either not available in your country or only available on YouTube Red).

If you encounter any issues or have feedback, click the "Send Feedback" link under the "About" section (Settings -> About).
You can also contact us on our twitter (@SoundByteUWP).
Stream music in the background with gapless playback (including YouTube livestreams).
View trending YouTube music videos, trending SoundCloud tracks and popular Fanburst tracks.
Search for SoundCloud & Fanburst tracks alongside YouTube music videos.
Pin playlists, users and tracks to your Start Menu.
Shuffle play tracks and playlists.
Resume playback later using Windows Timeline.
Listen to and watch YouTube videos and livestreams.
Play your SoundCloud, Fanburst, YouTube or Fanburst likes using Cortana.
Sync your history and curated likes using a SoundByte account.
Supported Languages
English (United States)